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Since 1940, Century Drill & Tool Corporation has offered professional quality Power Tool Accessories and Hand Tools for contractors, professionals working in the trades, commercial automotive shops and do-it-yourselfers.

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All New Locking Jaw C-Clamps

Large swivel pads secure work without damaging delicate surfaces. Made from carbon steel for strength and durability.

All New Heavy Duty Clamps

Large swivel pad for reduced marring and increased stability. Sliding t-bar handle for higher torque applications with less fatigue.

All New Metal Series Reciprocating Saw Blades

Professional bi-metal blades with cobalt high speed steel teeth and shatterproof shock absorbing alloy backbone.

All New Drill Pod Sets

29 piece drill bit sets in a convenient, durable plastic case with clip.

All New HSS Drill Bits

For furniture making, cabinetry and doweling where an exact hole is required.

All New Tap & Drill Combo Paks

Get the tap you need with its corresponding drill bit.

Upgraded Glass and Tile Masonry Drills

Ideal for drilling ceramic, non-tempered glass, plastic, composite, brick and marble.

Upgraded Multi-Material Drill Bits

Micro-grain carbide tip provides maximum hardness and heat resistance reducing wear during extreme cutting applications.

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