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Tap & Drill Combo Paks

Taps • Precision cut threads, accurately formed for consistent, exact threading. • Heat treated and tempered for file hard threads, and longer, useful life. • Designed for hand cutting applications. Drills • Brite industrial drill bits feature premium grade high [...]

Metal Series Recip. Saw Blades

Professional bi-metal blades with cobalt high speed steel teeth and shatterproof shock absorbing alloy backbone. 1″ width and heavy duty blade thickness for clean cuts with less vibration in heavy metal cutting applications. 1/2″ universal shank with 5% tilt angle [...]

29 Piece Drill Pod Sets

Drill bit sets in a convenient, durable plastic case with clip. Available in Cobalt, Charger, Titanium, Black Oxide and Brite. Drill Pod Sell Sheet

HSS Brad Point Drill Bits

Designed to work for all wood projects. Especially suited for furniture making, cabinetry and doweling where an exact hole is required. Made of heat treated high speed steel, for a longer, more useful life. Use in hand drills, electric drills, [...]

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